Created in Slovenia

Created in Slovenia

The Razvito v SlovenijiCreated in Slovenia project is aimed at stimulating creativity and presenting technical accomplishments in Slovenia.

With our work, we primarily took into account the following starting points:

  • Alongside the natural beauty of its country, every nation must promote its technical accomplishments and individuals in the struggle for national integrity.
  • In Slovenia, as well as globally, there are approximately 2% of exceptional scientists. Our technical heritage is extremely rich, but is unfortunately lacking in visibility. This is why it is especially important to promote it, in order to strengthen social interest in innovative creative work with high added value.
  • We encourage the interests of young people in natural and technical sciences. For a greater attractiveness of natural sciences it would be necessary to thoroughly change teaching methods and to implement a way of teaching natural sciences that is based on research. Such subjects should not be taught with current teaching methods which are generally derived from a deductive approach, i.e. general views. Active learning should be introduced into education, in which the students acquire knowledge themselves, through practical training and experiments. Through independent discovery of natural laws, teachers could incite the ability of observation, logical reasoning and innovation in their students. Engineers must adapt to new trends and educate the next generations of students in their competence for work with tools in a future world, not the world as it is today.

We tried to classify the entire project, presented through individual Slovene areas, into equal fields, namely: Our technical heritage, Slovene scientists and their work, Established products by the Slovene economy and Innovative products by the Slovene economy..

The Razvito v Sloveniji – Created in Slovenia project was co-financed by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology. We extend our gratitude to everyone who participated in the realization of the Razvito v Sloveniji – Created in Slovenia project.

Prof. PhD. Iztok Golobič