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About cookies

Cookies are nothing new, all web site visitors have many cookies from different websites on their computers, tablets, and mobile phones. It is new only that with the new legislation (ZEKom-1) there have been changes in the information and / consenting to visitors using them.

What are cookies?

They are small text files that most websites store on devices that users access the Internet in order to identify the individual devices that users have used in accessing. Their storage is under the complete control of the user’s browser – this can be used to restrict or disable cookie storage. Cookies are not harmful and are always time-limited.

Why are cookies needed?

They are fundamental to providing user-friendly online services. The interaction between the web user and the site is faster and easier with the help of cookies. With their help, the site remembers the individual’s preferences and experiences, thus saving time and making browsing more efficient and friendly.

Some specific examples of using cookies:

For a better user experience of the website, we customize visitors to view content according to past visits,
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to identify your device (computer, tablet, mobile) that allows you to adjust the display of content to your device,
to monitor the visit, which allows you to check the effectiveness of content display and ad relevance, and the continuous improvement of web pages,
necessary for the operation of certain services (eg online banks, online shops and other forms of e-commerce).
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